It's a Wonder Filled Life

Faith, Nature, and what is in my heart

It’s a Wonder Filled Life

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Paint Brush

Sometimes when I look around me I feel like a child. I remember my children being so excited with every new thing. That is how my days go. I get to watch an Eastern Bluebird moving around the park and I am amazed by its beautiful color. I see the cardinals hopping from tree to tree and am thrilled at all the new life happening right here. I look around and even in just a small area I see a multitude of different grasses rather than the single grass that most fill their lawns with.

I am always amazed with plants. There are so many different colors, sizes, shapes, and textures. It is cool to me to know that plants in the mint family have triangular stems. Leaves… there are so many different types and shapes of leaves that it is incredible.

Nature always speaks to me about God. One of the many things it has clued me in on is that God doesn’t want His church to all look the same. Why would he have given the natural world so much variety if he wanted a homogenous, one-dimensional church?  We are made in God’s  image and we enjoy and appreciate all the beauty in nature, which tells me how much God loves beauty. It also makes me so very grateful that God made us in such a way that we can appreciate all his creation. I do think there are times that what we think of as beautiful isn’t always the same thing as what God thinks, but he does love beauty.


Living here in Texas, there is always a lot of talk about wild flowers in the spring, but I think most people are only thinking of the Blue Bonnet. It is the official state flower and very picturesque. After the Blue bonnets have faded and we no longer find families parked on the side of the road taking pictures of the kids in the fields of Blue bonnets, I like to go looking for some of the less famous Texas wild flowers. Right now the Prickly Pear are beautiful. There are many beautiful flowers blooming right now that don’t get all the attention that the bluebonnets get but are just as beautiful. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Blue Bonnets too, and one of my favorite pictures is one of a field of Blue Bonnets and Indian Paint Brush. I just marvel at the variety of all the wild flowers we have and how they are so different and yet all beautiful wild flowers.


Each with its very own type of flower. Each unique. Each created by God. Matthew 6:25-34 tells us that we don’t have to worry about tomorrow when we can look in the field and watch the birds and the flowers and see how God takes care of them. We need to seek, work towards, strive for God’s Kingdom not because all these other things will be added but instead because we long for a relationship with Him and we want to please that which we love.

This blog is going to be about how the things I see in nature help me to know God and appreciate all he has done for mankind. How it helps me to stay centered on my relationship with Him and how it keeps me happy and filled with wonder at all creation around me. It will also be me struggling to think things through because I do that by writing. I want comments because it always helps to listen to other views and to hear how someone else thinks. Please be respectful of others.


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