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Gifts from above

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A wonderful week filled with some good things and some that were less good. I was able to hold a Red Shouldered Hawk this week, unfortunately it was an injured animal. I also was able to pet a baby gray fox but it too was at a wildlife rehabilitator. Image
Sometimes life gives us bad things that some thing good comes out of. James 1:17 tells us “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming from the Father of the heavenly lights” and Romans 8:28 tells us “in all things God works for the good of those who love him.” This doesn’t mean that God gives us bad experiences or makes bad things happen but instead he uses those bad things that happen because of the sin that entered the world to bring good things to us.

This week I saw the beauty of a hawk up closer than I ever thought I would, I also saw a beautiful painted bunting. Each day when I am at the park I see lots of God’s creation around me, and it makes me grateful to God, not only that he created these things but also, that he gave mankind the ability to appreciate them. We are made in God’s image so that means He loves the beauty of creation as well.
There are things in my life I am ashamed of, things that happened to me that weren’t such good experiences but I don’t want my life to be about them. I want my life to be about learning from those bad choices and learning how to deal with the hardships. Mostly I want my life to be about growing to be the woman God wants me to be. I know that I am not there yet but as we all know from the bible, God uses imperfect people to do his will. I am so grateful that through my mess, God has brought me through to where I am now. Surrounded by people I care about and care enough for me to point out my mistakes and still cheer me on. People that teach by example and will help anyone however they can. People that know what love means and live it daily.

I am grateful not that bad things have happened to me but that God has made good things come out of the bad.


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