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What you think you see, may not be what you see


Sometimes when we are in Church we may see something that bothers us but may actually be something different than what we think we see. The other day I could be seen texting and taking a video during church. Now if I was having a conversation about what was for dinner, or my grandchildren, or one of the many other random things I could talk about I would feel it was inappropriate, but that was not what was going on.
I don’t always get to go to church on Sunday morning. Sometimes I have to work. A dear friend of mine started sending me a 30 second or so video of the praise block and it really helped my frame of mind when I couldn’t be there in person. It helped in part because I could feel the praise and energy coming from those who were there and I could feel the love of the person sending it to me. It made it that much easier for me to worship God where I was and not feel left out. It made me know that while I was not at the church, I was part of the church and could participate. I looked forward, each week, to those videos, and my friend talked about how she tried to be discreet while taking the videos. I was just so very glad to receive them. Once I got to work each Sunday I would impatiently wait for the sound of my phone telling me I had received a text. About the time I was expecting the video, I would drive up to the prairie and sit up there just off the trail and wait. I would look around me at all of God’s creation and think about my Bible reading, but mostly I was appreciating God and my friend who was sending me a video of some of the most wonderful people that I wanted to be with, worshiping God and making me homesick.
So this last Sunday, I knew a few people who couldn’t be at Church. Some because they were traveling, some because of sickness, and some had to work. So I thought of the greatest thing that happens to/for me, when I can’t be at Church and I thought of those videos. I sent a video to several people, each because they mean so much to me and I was missing them and wanted to find a way to share the moment of praise and worship with them.
I am not saying we should all take out our phones and be texting all through Church, but I am saying that sometimes what we think we see is not the whole picture. I don’t want my friend to stop sending me videos when I can’t be where I belong on Sunday but I don’t want it to be a distraction to her or anyone else. When we can comfort or encourage another, even by an unconventional means, we should act on that without worrying about what it looks like to someone else.
Coming soon: A book review of Jen Hatmaker’s Interrupted and a giveaway. When I review her book I will be giving away a copy of Interrupted to someone who comments on the blog.


2 thoughts on “What you think you see, may not be what you see

  1. Your words were beautiful and you are so
    Right sometimes what we see is not what we think. I thank a God our church has a live stream and we can watch it when we cant attend. I live going to church and when im sick or cant attend for some reason I take comfort knowing I can watch it live on my devise. Thanks for sharing.

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